One Day Without OCD: An Experiment

I’m doing an experiment today.  I’m pretending I don’t have OCD.  I’m pretending I’m normal.  I’m attempting to go a full day without performing any OCD rituals, without giving into compulsions.  I have been doing well since I got up around 9:00 am, because I have just been sitting around at home on my computer and reading.  My anxiety is moderate and my hands feel contaminated, but I’m ok.  I’m going to try some exposures in a little while and see if I can keep this up.

The rules for today include:

  • Washing hands only before eating, after going to the bathroom and when visibly dirty
  • Hand washing not to exceed 15 seconds (including rinse)
  • NO hand sanitizer
  • NO rinsing, no water on my hands except during allowed washing
  • Shower must be 10 minutes or less
  • Checking things (locks, etc.) only one time

Exposures should include:

  • Normal ERP homework
  • Going to the grocery store
  • Getting mail
  • Household chores

I’ll update later tonight or in the morning with the results.


12 thoughts on “One Day Without OCD: An Experiment

  1. You know your grandmother has this. And so do all my siblings. I used to have it, but when I had Anastasia and John were babies, no toddlers, I was in counseling and realized that I had to give up control of some things. No more cleaning house everyday, rotating dishes, towels, sheets clothes, toys. Sterilizing everything. I will not touch things in doctor office, never let the kids play with the toys there, we brought our own. Don’t like public phones, clean mine at work. Don’t let people use my pens. Don’t much care for many restaurants. But one day over a year ago, mom was here visiting. I was thinking about the rituals we all do for different things. Mom said, by the way, I went through your cupboards and organized your plastic stuff. She numbered each piece with corresponding lids. It suddenly hit me! She is were it comes from. Control. Now I just laugh about it. People know there are certain things I won’t budge on. But mom rotated EVERYTHING!

    1. I knew that it ran in the family. I didn’t know quite that much. It makes sense. I thought I was the worst, that everyone else was more mild. I guess I’m pretty normal for our family, huh? haha I’ll have to ask Grandma about that next time I talk to her.

  2. I don’t think mom realizes it. When you are crazy you don’t know it. But hey, she is a hypochondriac! Tell her and she may go full throttle. Your mom and Dodi seem to have more issues with this than most of us. Anastasia has quite a few odc behaviors. Sorting candy, crayons, rocks sticks, stuffed animals. Locks her car doors, rechecks, has customers check. I just laugh and tell her welcome to the Connor side of the family. Realizing I was somewhat like mom was enough for me to change some behaviors. I can see some coming back when I get older and have the house to just Mike and I. I can at least control the upstairs part. The kitchen drives me crazy. I clean before I cook and after. Because Mike does not clean after himself. Fish food, YUK! I figure he contaminates alot of things. But I don’t think that is abnormal. When I washed the floor everyday, that was. But the kids were young then. But hey it builds immunities.

    1. That’s probably true. Maybe I won’t mention it to her. Apparently, OCD and hypochondria are a pretty common pairing. I read an article about it recently. It makes sense. I don’t think I’m a full-blown hypochondriac, because I can usually talk myself out of the crazy shit I come up with. But when I have some weird symptom, I google it and that’s NEVER a good idea. I end up scaring the shit out of myself with all the horrible info I find online. My boyfriend usually has to take my computer away from me and assure me that I’m not perfectly fine.

  3. I’ll immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  4. wow.. i wish you the best on that.

    I will try it as well for 24 hours. been wanting to do that for quite a while actually. i know it will be hard though….

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