31DBBB Day 1: Elevator Pitch

Things will be a little different around here for the next month.  I’m participating in a blog challenge with SITS: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (henceforth referred to as 31DBBB).  I will still be blogging about OCD, but will also have non-OCD posts.  Every day I’ll have a task that will improve my blog and will probably do a 31DBBB challenge update every day.  I’m really excited to see how much my blog improves over the next 31 days!  So current readers, please be patient over the next few weeks as I work through this challenge.  Hopefully the result will be a better blog for all of us to enjoy!

Today’s task is to write an elevator pitch.  The purpose is to help focus my blog.  I think it’s pretty focused already, so how hard could it be, right?  Wrong!  I have this need for whatever I come up with to be perfect.  I’m terrified of imperfection so I have just been avoiding it all day.  Damn you, OCD!  Anyway, here we go:

Tagline: A Journey to Sanity

Short Elevator Pitch: Connecting with others who have OCD, sharing my struggle with the those who don’t understand it, refusing to suffer alone in secrecy.

Long Elevator Pitch: The OCD Chronicles is a place for people with OCD to connect with each other and share experiences and support, as well as shedding light on an often misunderstood disorder.  I hope that The OCD Chronicles offers a new perspective to those who are unfamiliar with OCD.

Ok I am going to leave it at that and just post this.  I am sick of rewriting!  Anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated!!  These will end up somewhere on my blog in the near future (like the About page and my header if I can ever figure out how to get my tagline to show up with this theme).


12 thoughts on “31DBBB Day 1: Elevator Pitch

  1. I like your elevator pitch a lot – especially your short one. I think sometimes when you’ve reread it so many times it starts bugging you – at least that’s how I was with mine! Your blog is really interesting, glad I found it!

    1. Thanks! I am ok with the short one. It’s the long one that I hate. I need to just leave it alone. Things like this are usually more clear when they’re fresh.

  2. Try rewording your first sentence “The OCD Chronicles is a place where I can connect with other people who are battling OCD and both give and receive support.”

    Maybe say: The OCD Chronicles is a place where people who are battling OCD can give and receive support.

    or The OCD Chronicles is a place where I can connect with other people who are battling OCD. Through this blog, we can both give and receive support.

    Great job!

  3. Hi Elly:

    You posted directly before I did in the SITS Girl Community and I thougth I would check out your elevator pitch post and see what it is all about.

    I think your elevator pitch sounds really good. The language you choose is clear and precise and I think you have done a pretty good job of talking about what the reader gets out of your blog.

    I was thinking it could also be useful to inculde a little something about what OCD is in your elevator pitch for those who don’t really know much about it.

    I Hope this feedback helps and good luck with the rest fo the month’s challenges!


  4. Fellow #31DBBB here and I love your first post! You are right, writing that first elevator speech isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself!

    I’m looking forward to the next 31 days!

  5. Firstly I love the title of you blog and the idea behind it. I also like these pitches, but I can see that you’re still trying to find your focus. As I said, I do like them and think you could use them as they are, but since you’ve asked for feedback I’ll make a few suggestions.

    Maybe you could ask yourself a couple more questions about what it is that you care most about on your blog? What is it that drives you to write it? Is it connecting others with OCD? Is it explaining it to people who don’t understand? And who are you targeting with your pitch? Who do you want to read your blog?

    Also you could use more active language “OCD is easier to deal with” rather than “I have found OCD so much easier”

    For instance:

    “The OCD Chronicles provides a place for people with OCD to connect with each other and share experiences and support, as well as shedding light on an often misunderstood disorder.”

    I hope this helps!

    1. Oh man. I do have some passive language in there, huh? How embarrassing! My excuse is that it’s summer and I’ve gotten lazy. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  6. Elly – Love it! You did a great job – for not having the book, I’m really impressed! Glad we connected on twitter (I have OCD tendencies, but have grown out of them for the most part). I did reply to your comment on my blog – does it tell you that I have? I offered my tips on getting the things you asked about added to your blog. 🙂

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