OCD and The Little Things

Sometimes, all you can fight are the small battles, but the victories that follow can be just as refreshing as winning big ones.

So I’m wearing this sock and it has a tiny little hole in the heel.  Usually I throw away socks with holes because if there is a hole, my foot can come in contact with the floor and the floor is contaminated and that is bad.  This sock is driving me (read: OCD) absolutely INSANE!  I have had this sock on for hours and every time I walk anywhere, I can feel that little hole.

But I haven’t changed my sock yet.  Take that, OCD!


7 thoughts on “OCD and The Little Things

  1. Awesome! Little exposures that you take maximum advantage of are sometimes even more powerful than more dramatic ones I think! It’s great that you have had that sock on for an extended period of time…keep at it, and well, maybe it will eventually stop bothering you!

    This reminds me, I have my own special sock exposure to do…lovely! I am supposed to be pulling dirty socks out of my laundry basket and wearing them as an exposure to help me get over my OCD fear of being contaminated by dirty clothes (or of becoming a terrible dirty person with no hygienic standards by wearing clothes that have already been worn and then spiraling downward into even worse offenses until I am a complete and utter slob…now that doesn’t sound OCD at all ;)…). In fact…I think I will go put on some already worn socks right now!

    There! Now we can both be contaminated by problematic socks! 🙂 I am, at this point, wearing socks that I wore who knows where or for how long, socks that spend their lives touching the inside of shoes and dirty floors. Not only that, I had to touch the dirty socks to put them on in the first place, so now my hands are contaminated, but because I am not supposed to wash after putting the socks on, since it is part of an exposure, I am now typing away at my keyboard with contaminated hands…mmmm.

    Thanks for reminding me to do my homework and inspiring me to get it done! 🙂

  2. You go, girl! I know how hard that must be going against your instincts. The little victories count. Sometimes, when my depression/anxiety is at a peak, it’s a victory just to get out of bed, take medicine, and say hello to my family. Give yourself a small reward for wearing that sock. You deserve it. 🙂

  3. Baby steps! Literally. I think you’re doing a great thing being so open with OCD on this blog. I agree that small victories can add up into winning huge battles. Congratulations.

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