Creative Restriction

So there’s this really awesome designer (and photographer) who is working on a background and header (and maybe some other fun stuff) for my blog.  Well, she will be if I can give her some direction.  Usually I am a super creative person, but I’m stuck today.  The problem is that OCD is keeping me from being creative with thoughts like This is a one-time thing.  If it’s not perfect, then I have to live with it.  So I better figure out EXACTLY what I want and tell her coherently because if she doesn’t understand me then I will regret it.  I better come up with something good, something perfect.  I know OCD won’t leave me alone if I don’t try my hardest and do it perfectly.  What if I don’t give her enough to go on?  What if I give her too much?  What if I confuse her?  What if my blog just sucks and doesn’t deserve a design?  What if it doesn’t fit?  What if… UGH!  Once again, OCD is driving me crazy and blocking my mind from doing anything productive and I can’t seem to turn it off.

SO here is where you come in, dear readers (especially those of you who have been reading for awhile and have a feel for things around here).  I need your help!  If you were in charge of the design, what would you do?  When you read my posts, what images/colors/feelings are in your head?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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