Moment of Truth

Remember my post from a couple of days ago about how I came as close as I could handle to dealing with a bathroom-related accident at work?  Well today that changed.  Today I had to take a couple of kids to the bathroom.  While the first one was in the bathroom, the second one was waiting with me in the hall for his turn.  I looked over at him and tried joking around with him.  Instead of laughing, he had this weird look on his face.  Then I looked down and saw a dark spot growing on the front of his pants.  NOOO!!!!  ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit What do I do?! My instinct was to call for another teacher to come get him.  I didn’t want to deal with it.  I couldn’t.

But I did.  I sucked it up and tried to remember to breathe.  I got his change of clothes and I–yes, crazy, germophobic me–took care of it.  I only washed my hands four times afterward and I didn’t shower until just a few minutes ago.

I’m glad to be ending this job on a high note.  I’m glad that I stuck with it all summer.  I got way more out of this job than I put in.


17 thoughts on “Moment of Truth

    1. It has been! I’m worried that I’ll lose this progress now that I’m no longer working there. I’ll just have to work a little harder to avoid regression.

    1. It took me a couple of months of being unable to do it before I finally could. It’s definitely slow progression, but progression nonetheless!

    1. Thanks! It took a lot of work to get to that point and will take a lot of work going forward. Accomplishment is a great motivator, though!!

  1. Elly, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog about the gay marriage debate. I think your generation will be the ones to change things, and I’m glad you feel it needs changing!
    I don’t have ocd, but I admire anyone that is battling with a life limiting problem head on, as you obviously are. There’s so much out there to fear, but so much more to miss if you let fear control you. You’re very brave!
    That said… I could never work with little kids and deal with their accidents, etc. so Good For You!!

    1. I sure hope my generation is the one to change things! I hope to see equality in my life-time, the sooner the better, of course. The recent ruling in California has renewed my hope. We just can’t get lazy or content with how things are!

      I agree that there is much to miss when fear is running things. I have missed out on a lot of things because I have OCD and will continue to miss out on things for awhile until I gain more control. I’m actually going to do a post on that very subject sometime in the near future. OCD steals a lot of life from those it controls.

  2. wow, good job! It must have been an embarrassing moment for the kid. I think that if you went to get another person to deal with it, it wouldve been an even more traumatic event for the kid. I had similar accident when I was a kid but with many people around. It was embarrassing. I somehow couldn’t say to the teacher that I wanted to go to the bathroom.

    1. It’s a preschool, so we have accidents on a pretty regular basis. The kids are supposed to be potty trained before they come, but they’re so little that sometimes they just forget to tell someone. I don’t think it’s that embarrassing for the 3 year olds because a lot of them are freshly potty trained and are just more accident prone. The 5 year olds might be a bit more embarrassed, but they rarely have accidents. I do agree that it might have been hard on the kid if he could see that I was too grossed out by him to deal with it. I would have tried my best not to show him that, though.

      This spring, I babysat a 9 year old boy after school every day and he was still prone to having accidents. I had to ask him frequently if he had to go to the bathroom. I felt bad for him when he had accidents at school or around his friends. I know that had to be humiliating for him. He just really hated going to the bathroom for some reason.

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