I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting as much.  School started last week and this semester is already proving to be extra busy and stressful.  I still intend to post regularly, just maybe not as much as I did this summer.  Things are slow right now because I’m getting used to the rhythm of school/work/homework/etc again.

I have been dying to post about school-related OCD issues, but school-related OCD issues are currently making me crazy and keeping me from getting much done in the writing department.  Soon, I promise!


5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. I can totally relate! When I was still in school, I didn’t really have time for anything else, due to what was probably a big case of school-related OCD. The importance of things went something like: school, school, school, work, more school, school, and oh yeah those other things known as friends, hygiene, and sleep. If you can master keeping up with college work I am already impressed. If you tack on maintaining a blog on top of that, you’re practically super-human in my book. 😉 Good luck with everything! I don’t think you need to worry about not posting enough – I’m sure most of us OCDer’s can understand how stressful a busy schedule and school work can be!

  2. ohh. I know managing school and job and life can be very difficult but stay healthy, make good decisions for yourself. Towards the end of my school years, I worked so hard, and I was a wreck after that. I shouldve taken care of my health better. I shouldve rested more and done more exercise. But when you have a lot of school work, those things can be hard to do. Goodluck. And keep your blogging a fun thing and not a burden.

  3. Hey, getting back into the rhythm of school is a huge adjustment for anyone, but struggling with OCD on top of that makes it even bigger! Focus on you. The blog will be here waiting for you when your return.

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