Falling Apart

This is getting harder and harder to manage.  It has now been a week since I last had dry hands.  It was really difficult for me to take my Prozac this morning.  I so badly just wanted to give up.  I keep telling myself to just get through the weekend because Sunday will make two weeks on this dosage, and side effects are supposed to get better after two weeks.  So if I still have this problem next week, I might think about quitting.  I’m just miserable.

Yes, I got some medicine to put on my hands and feet, but it hasn’t started working yet, and it’s pretty miserable to apply.  I have to put the stuff on my hands and feet before bed.  I then have to wrap my hands and feet in Saran wrap and stick them in socks to keep everything on.  I have to put the medicine on before bed because, supposedly, sweat glands are inactive at night.  I’m not buying it.  The Saran wrap makes them sweat more, so I don’t think this stuff is going to work.  It’s disgusting and uncomfortable, and it makes it hard to sleep.

I have applied the medicine for three nights now, but it hasn’t really helped.  It’s supposed to start working after 2-3 days, but my fingertips won’t stop sweating.


I’m just sick of this crap.  I just want a normal, fully functioning body and mind.  I’m so tired of feeling broken.  I just wish I could be fixed.

As if OCD and Prozac side effects weren’t enough to deal with, I’m overloaded with schoolwork after the ice days we had, and my back and neck pain has been worse than normal this week.  Oh, and my asthma has also been more of a problem than it usually is.  I feel like I’m falling apart.


5 thoughts on “Falling Apart

  1. You poor thing.

    I can’t imagine how horrible it is for you, but if, like you say, the symptoms are likely to ease up in a couple of days, keep at it. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of having what-ifs. Plus, the half life of Prozac is quite long, so you might still keep having the symptoms even after you’ve stopped taking it. Therefore, by CaityLogic (TM), you might as well keep taking it for a bit longer to see what happens.

    I had too google Saran wrap. We call it cling film in Britain. I can imagine it making your hands and feet sweat more. Have you tried plain old talcum powder?

    1. How funny! We call it cling wrap or plastic wrap. Saran is a brand of it and a lot of people just call it Saran wrap. I don’t even actually have that brand.

      I haven’t tried talcum powder. Maybe I’ll try that this weekend.

      1. We usually call a vacuum cleaner a hoover, with a little `h’, even if it’s a Dyson, with a big `D’, or some such.

        I don’t think we really have branded cling film here. I suppose there must be something, but I just get the shop’s own brand. Tin foil, which is really aluminium foil, has a brand, though: Bacofoil.

        Good luck with the talc.

  2. I’m so sorry for the mess you’re struggling with. Trying to figure out how to feel better is such a miserable thing. The Russian roulette of meds – will this help or hurt? are the trade offs worth it? Ugh.

    Good luck. I’ll say a prayer for you. Wish I could do more.

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