Best Of

Here are some of my best posts. These posts are a great place to start if you’re a new reader!

Background on Me and my OCD

This is my very first post and is an explanation of why I decided to start this blog.

Going to Therapy: An Admission of Neurosis
This is my second post. It contains a list of all of my OCD symptoms and a discussion of my first therapy session.

My first week as a preschool teacher and the meltdown that followed

My first time going to an OCD support group

One Day Without OCD: An Experiment (part 1)
The rules for the day without OCD
(part 2)
The results of the experiment

General OCD Info and Advice

16 Mantras for Bad OCD Days
A list of things people with OCD (or with anxiety in general) should keep in mind on those days when OCD and anxiety seem to have complete control

OCD Misconceptions
The difference between having OCD and being anal-retentive

3 thoughts on “Best Of

    1. This blog was incredibly difficult for me to start. I thought about it for awhile before actually making it. I was so afraid of what the reaction from strangers would be. I was sure people would be mean and think I’m just nuts or that I’m making everything up. I have had the exact opposite reaction, though. It makes me so glad that I took the risk to start writing publicly. It’s always hard to hit the publish button, but thus far, I have not regretted doing so!

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