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  1. would love to speak with you about being a guest on our show. I will be doing some topics on OCD in children and adolescents and think you would be a perfect guest. My dgtr also has ocd.

    email me if interested.

  2. Have read your blog and so much of it relates to me. Well done for putting it into words. It is extremely hard to explain to anyone what our day to day life entails without sounding mad.
    I’m currently on 60mg Prozac and i’m still the same….. My next step will be therapy if this doesn’t help. I was just wondering how your doing now and if you’ve managed to combat any more of you compulsions/obsessions?
    Btw, the thing about the feet and socks…. I do exactly the same thing. Even when its hot.

    Hope to hear from you

    1. Some things are going well; others aren’t. But for the most part, Prozac is still majorly working for me. I’m fairly certain I’d be in a sad state without it. I’m not in therapy anymore, but I’m still using the tools I learned in therapy. That paired with medication is essential for success.

  3. Hello Elly,

    I am the father of a 15 year old boy who is currently suffering with OCD & major depression. Has been hospitalized for a little over two weeks due to suicidal attempt and thoughts. He is in great emotional pain. Finding the right medicine has been difficult and he has gotten quite impatient and hopeless for the future. Any thoughts?

    1. Apologies for such a delayed response!

      I hope your son is doing better! There’s no easy answer when it comes to medication, unfortunately. It’s a lot of really difficult trial and error. I’d love to hear how your son is doing now.

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